Thursday, February 26, 2009


Our newest addition is officially going to be called Cooper!

Cooper T-Bone Winston the III.
A little background to his name first. We have this cute little bird who comes and visits our house for the past 2 years now. He comes only at night and will perch on one of the nails under our patio. The boys always enjoy seeing him, and he is quit a cute little thing. So, when we got a new puppy Cooper was one of the first names the boys and Scott and I liked. We have a few other's on the table, but we all ended up just calling him Coop, or Cooper.

He has been such a great little pup so far! And easy! We all just love him. Cooper has not nipped, or barked at all. He goes potty outside regularly and is so sweet with the boys.

**An extra special THANK YOU goes out to Paul and Laura who had no hesitation in letting us use the same name as their sweet little boy. We wanted to double check and make sure they were okay with it and they laughed at the thought that it might have been offensive to use the name. Thank you SO MUCH for your understanding. We LOVE you guys!