Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweetest boy on the block!

I have this one child, who really is the sweetest boy. When I brought home baby Gavin from the hospital all the boys were excited to see this new little creature and hold him, poke at him, and laugh at him. But, Jackson was a little different about it. Yes, he too enjoyed those things but he was also a little more attentive, more gentle, more caring towards the baby. As Gavin grew older Jackson was still right there willing to give up snacks, toys, blankets or whatever Gavin wanted in a heart beat. Jackson has also been very kind and thoughtful to Will and Tyler, and other boys his age. Then baby Brigham comes home from the hospital and once again, without any hesitation there is sweet Jackson to help any time and in any way he can. I hardly even ask him anymore for help. He is always right there for his little brothers. Sometimes when Jackson is trying to comfort them and the babies are still crying sweet Jackson will start to cry too. Knowing he is trying with all his might with no avail. Whenever Jackson does something to help his brothers he never tells me about it, is never hotty about it. He just does it because he is so full of kindness and love towards mankind. I wouldn't trade him for the world! I love you Jackson Even Thompson!!! You are a dream son. A wonderful brother and a great friend. We are all lucky to have you!


Hansonpatch said...

So sweet! You have such cute boys, and they are all so nice. Jackson, Will, and Tyler have all opened doors for me and others, and like their mom are always smiling and friendly. I like Jacksons laugh as much as his smile.

CC said...

Oh, what cute pictures! I agree with Anne your boys are so cool!

Jace said...

aaaahhh! just typed a long comment only to mis-delete it :( okay, i was telling you about this thing we have called the I can...a cute black trash can with a bow tied on it filled with targer holiday clearance, treats, stickers, cracker packs, etc.
so whenever anyone says oh "i can" do that thing you crazy mom ask me to do...then i can reward them by having them get something from the i can. genna is my side helper...always there when i need something and the last to complain when asked to do something so this has been a great way to reward them...and created alot less griping when asked to do things :)