Friday, February 27, 2009


Sweet Gavin is almost completely done with this whole potty training business. HALLELUJAH!!! Anyways he woke up this morning with a dry pull up and takes it off so he can wear his "big boy" underwear today. He grabs a cute pair and starts twirling them around on his finger, smiling the whole time. One of his little basketballs catches his eye and he puts the basketball in his underwear and shows me. "Silly Gavin balls don't go in there!" I say to him. "Yeah they do mom, my balls do!" He says. My THREE year old. He knows he has "balls?" Oh man! The big brothers are in so much trouble when they come home! :)


Chandy said...

LOL! Lori, I almost spit out my cereal when I read this post! Do be easy on the older ones... LOL

Enjoy your weekend,

peachytiffers said...

LOL!! What a crack up! Yea for being almost done with potty training!!