Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last night Scott decided to get a nice big bowl of ice cream and try to eat it in front of sweet baby Brigham! Brigham was so excited to see what dad had and walked over to him and starts flapping his arms around squealing all sorts of cute baby sounds. It was real cute, but he's never had ice cream before so why was he so dang excited about it? I told Scott that it was a defendant NO to give my baby ice cream. (he's almost 11 months, but still!) Scott only lasted a few short moments before he started shoveling it into Brig's mouth! I told Scott to at least make Brig's sign "More" before he gave him another spoonful. Cute Brig's would take a bite and then immediately sign "more".


Zana said...

He looks so scrumptious. I loved the cowboy themed birthday party, how cute with those WANTED signs!

Lacey said...

Addysen is finally signing more too! She only uses one hand right now but we know what she means. It's so much nicer than her screaming at us!

Jace said...

oh man! i can't believe he's almost a year already! and i'm right there with ya on the no ice cream...i still try not to give my kids any :)

CC said...

I would ask for more too if I'm being fed! ;-D

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