Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christmas X4

OK. This year was a little crazy when it came to Christmas. We usually, (okay always) go to Santa Barbara to be with my mom and spend the majority of the holiday vacation with her. This year we decided to go to the snow and PLAY! Scott and I did NOT want to hall all the presents across the states so we opened them all on the 23rd. It was fun and a little strange. Christmas #1.

On Christmas morning, we were in Salt Lake City, and there were some more presents but they were all from Santa. Yeah! We also did a gift exchange with our cousins which was a lot of fun. The boys helped to pick out gifts for 4 Girls. Ages were 14, 16, 19, and Angie would be 30-something. :) That is a story in it's self. Christmas #2.

We arrived back home form a wonderful vacation with great weather, and awesome family fun. My mom sent a couple huge boxes a couple weeks later full of Christmas presents. Christmas #3.

Then, last week my mom send yet another 2 huge boxes, again stuffed, with many many presents for us all. Christmas #4.
Each big boy received 3 Bakugan's!! The boys were in heaven!!
Nana also send everyone a plush toy of their favorite character or animal. Some got more than one!
Brigham was a little skeptical of Elmo and Grover at first but really loved the dancing and singing Valentine's pig Nana got.
When Gavin opened the bag and saw that it was Mickey, he just stood there and held onto him like it was his long lost friend. Gavin sure loves Mickey.
We all LOVE Disneyland!

Those were some pictures showing only the last Christmas. #4. Not sure if there are more to come....I'll keep you posted!
THANKS NANA!! You are the BEST!!!


Hansonpatch said...

Grandma Rocks! I want to celebrate christmas X 4. Gavin is so cute with Mickey! How should I end this comment? MERRY CHRISTMAS, again!

Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

Yeahoooo, make Christmas last all year long, aren't Grandparent's the best!!! I love the picture of Gavin he is so precious holding Mickey.

Jace said...

she sure is the best! you guys deserve the spoilage :) i love that shot of gavin...he looks so intense and sincere...just precious! i keep seeing those bakugans in the stores out here...apparently there's a shortage in colorado because when jace's sister came out she went nuts and bought tons of them for their boys christmas presents :) who knew? love the fact that they open up when they hit that magnet strip...i think i should start making a living inventing new kids toys..

CC said...

Wow, Grandma would you adopt me? I want my own Mickey Mouse.

What an awesome mom you've got there, the kids will totally remember this surprise for a long time!

We're always told to celebrate Christmas everyday, I think you're mom embraced it well, don't you?

Angie B said...

Cutest little people! mwah! Loves and Kisses...

DoryQueen said...

Aww! How precious your kids are. What a fun Christmas! When Alana was Gavin's age, she carried around a Minnie Mouse! Loved D-land too. We're going in June. Can't wait.