Thursday, April 30, 2009

Secret Device!

How is it that my boys know when I've just cleaned something, they get pulled to that exact spot or location and do serious damage to it? Maybe this isn't just my kids, I'm almost certain it's not. Maybe children are implanted with a small secret device that turns on only after a mom or dad have cleaned (I mean deep, deep cleaned!) an area up.

Yesterday, there was some watermelon spilled on the floor so I mopped it up. After I had mopped it I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed my kitchen floor till it shined like the Crystler building. About an hour later I walk towards the kitchen and I notice there is Sprite all over the floor! AWWW!

This morning I vacuumed the living room/dining room area real well. I even took off the attachments and was getting every tiny spot you can imagine. It looked great. I walked into the office checked my e-mail for about 10 minutes walked back to the living room and Brig's had dumped 1/2 a box of chocolate Rice Kripy's all over the floor. Stepped and smashed everywhere. AWWW!

Why do I deep clean? Why should I clean at all? I guess the better question is WHO IS PUTTING THESE SECRET DEVISES INTO OUR CHILDREN??? Maybe it's our parents, payback! :)


Chandy said...

I suspect that, too! My kids have a way of finding the spot that I just cleaned and get it all messy again!

Zana said...

I've missed keeping up on the blog world & almost missed the announcement of baby boy!!! I understand about not feeling sad either way b/c I would have been happy had it been another girl b/c we don't know any different:) It will be so cool to line up 6 boys in row! (and you make such cute ones)
Thanks for my Birthday message...34 is still young, right?