Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 Truths and a Lie...

Over the weekend we went to Springville to have dinner with some great friends from Santa Barbara. Between us three amigos we have 14 children! So when we get together it's wild and crazy to say the least. The children all ran around finding and playing with each and every toy the Gardners own. They performed a little dress-up show for us too. Rob made an excellent tri-tip dinner with all the sides. While were eating dessert we played 2 truths and a lie. We were all crying during this game because it was so dang hysterical. Mine was:
1. I enjoy gardening
2. I've written 10 children's book that I will be sending off to a publisher shortly
3. We are expecting

Oh man every one went crazy on this one. Steve, trying to whisper to Jen (his adorable wifey) says, "it better not be you!". Everyone knew it was mine but was it the lie??? Of course it was!

Michelle pulled out some videos from the 80's that we were all in. Old Road Show plays. We also watched some videos her younger brothers have worked on. So funny! So talented!

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!! It was a blast!