Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, I am finally doing it. For real! Yea, so excited! I have written several children's books for the past 6 years or so. I have a few different topics, but the ones I've been working on the most is a series called "I love it When..." These books are meant to be preschool-early reader board books. The series fallows two young boys (Will and Jack age 6 and 4) on their adventures. These picture books are educational and fun.
Yesterday I searched on-line for hours through different children's publishers and LDS children's publishers. Today I worked on the letter I plan on sending to different agency's. I will probably start sending them out sometime next week. This is so exciting. I know it's a little out there when I say I see my books being sold at Border's, Barnes and Noble, Cost-co, Dessert Books and other book stores. Individually and sold as a set. But, it's true. I have a true passion for this and pray it goes somewhere. I have printed out, laminated, and bound several of the stories for my boys to read, and they love them. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers!!
PS....a BIG shout out of THANKS to my good friends Stephanie Shumway and Rebecca Talley for their time and help! And of course my extraordinary husband Scott!!! I love you babe!


Becca said...

comgrats. when your books are being raved by some best seller list i will get to claim I knew you when.!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

so excited for you! once you get published (because you WILL) let me know how you did dad's always had "unwritten" childrens' books and he's just never found a good publisher...wishin' you lots of luck! can't wait to run out and buy them at barnes and noble :)