Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mini Goals 23 and 24

Last week my mini goal was to start working out again. I went everyday, and I feel great! I would speed walk and then jog. The boys would take turns and come along with me on their scooters or bikes. After, we would head to the side yard and do push-ups and sit-ups. It was fun to be together exercising.
This week's mini goal is to craft. I have been so busy planning fun outings and organizing the house that I haven't crafted for way too long. I have a list of fun crafts to do or complete. They are:
Finish sowing my table runner, finish the silhouette portraits of the boys and hang them, make the birthday wreath, build a ramp for my boys and build a cool bench for my porch. Sounds ambitious I know, but it also sounds like FUN!!
What are your goals this week? It can be anything from not drinking soda to reading a book.

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Zana said...

you are one motivated busy mama. come on over and inspire me to stick with my goals :) I want to start sewing again but I'm distracted by everything that we've unpacked & now needs to be organized...I should've just left it all in boxes!
have a great week