Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Brynnlee!!

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet cousin, Brynnlee! I wanted to do something special to celebrate her birthday so I made a delicious Italian meal and Red Velvet Cake. She chose the menu and the cake and it was great!

After dinner we played games. Here we are playing "Curses". This is a very fun game with lots of outgoing people. We ended the game just laughing to the point of tears. It was so fun!
Here's Aliegh scratching every time an animal noise is made....
Miss Birthday Girl had to dance every time she spoke...Among other funny things.
Tyler and Angie had to keep their hands on the chest, only using their hands.

Another funny thing Ang had to do was to make fists only with her hands. The funny thing is, she jacked up her pinkie finger and can't close her hand all the way. Scott rung the bell fast and she lost that curse! :)

Make a wish! We used trick candles and she kept blowing....Funny!
I had Brynn wear my wedding ring so we could take some fake engagement pictures. It was so funny! (But hopefully coming soon!)
Another reason why we LOVE living in Utah. It's so nice to be close to so many friends and family. Life is good, real good! Happy, happy birthday Brynnlee! I hope you had a wonderful time. I know we did!

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Brynn said...

Thanks so so much belle! It was DELICIOUS! You and your family were soo nice to welcome us all into your home. LOVE YOU TONS! So happy you guys live in Utah! :)