Friday, August 6, 2010

The Worlds longest Slip-n-Slide

At one of my cousins' houses she has the world's longest Slip-N-Slide. She bought a roll of that thick plastic that is 90 feet long and set it up in her backyard. She places a hose at the top and it turns into hours and hours of fun! THANKS Bubbles for another FUN adventure!! My kids had a blast!

After sliding for some time, we thought it would be fun to add some dish soap to the mix. The kids, especially the older ones, slid down the hill and past the slide.

The little kids would jump on and hang onto anything they could grab while sliding down the slippery wet hill.
Sweet Sarah lasted for about 5 slides down. 30 minutes and she was done. Sarah enjoyed looking out the window on the top level.
Scott was hanging out at the bottom with the babies; Nathan and John.

Cute Aleigh was a trooper. She went down the hill the most times, but also took on the most passengers. If she liked it or not! Everyone would want to ride on her lap or on her back!

Elizabeth sliding out of control having a blast. Steven taking John down again. John hated the first couple of times, but he was getting a little more use to it.

Aleigh and Alison racing down on their bellies.
Cute Brigham was freaked out the first time, then he too slowly warmed up to the slip-n-slide. By the end of the afternoon he was sliding down alone and on his belly!

Aleigh with Brig's racing Will and Tyler...and the winner is.....

This picture is one of my's picture number 311. So that means Aleigh and Alison have gone down this hill several times. But the look of their face tell another story. It's like their first time and they are scared! So funny!

After hours of fun Bubbles got out the Popsicles for everyone. Great time! Great company!

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

How fun!!! I remember doing this when I was in YW- I'm gonna have to find a hill!

lindsay Roscoe said...

Jeez check out the hill on that slide. That is scary! I think I would have that same look every time I slid down that slide also. Fun times!

NIKOL said...

My dad used to build us a slip-n-slide like that in our backyard when we were growing up. (We lived on a hill, too). It's one of my favorite memories!

Zana said...

I need Bubbles back in my life...pleeease!

WAY too fun.