Monday, February 7, 2011

BIG Savings today!!

I went shopping to Rite Aid, Walgreen's and Target and saved BIG today!!

Here is a photo of all the stuff I bought. (medicine, juice, cereal, candy, paper towels, gum, toothpaste, freezer food...)

My Rite Aid bill came to $31.00 minus $16.25 in coupons minus $15.00 in Wellness bucks = they paid me to leave the store!! LOVE IT!!

At Walgreen's my total was $11.94 minus $3.75 in coupons and minus $8.00 in Walgreen Bucks which means, I spent a wopin' 19 cents!!

At Target was bill came to $61.00 minus $18.25 in coupons minus a $5.oo gift card  = $37.75.

Not bad. Not bad at all!!

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peachytiffers said...

Good deals! I haven't been able to figure out when to shop still. Miss couponing a lot though. It's more that I really HATE to buy things full price when I need them. It's just way too much money knowing that I can get it cheaper.