Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free Running

 Jackson's friend introduced him to "Free Running" which was pretty cool to watch. (go on YouTube and there are some awesome videos!!)Coleman(Jackson's friend), Jackson, Tyler and Gavin ran around the yard (which seemed like 100 times) climbing, jumping, running, hoping and sliding off random areas.  They also went out to the church parking lot (right next to our house) and were running around everywhere. After, Jackson asked if I could buy him some Vans shoes. "They work so much better than normal shoes.

 (Gavin taking his turn jumping from the stone stairs on the side of our home)

It was fun to watch them be so daring and adventurous. AND I knew this fun new past time would suck the energy right out of those boys!


Angie B said...

Free running! Wow! Seems like what we did as kids but there wasn't a cool "official" title! Very cool! Run boys.. RUN! :)

Kandie said...

There are pro competitions doing just this! Google "parkour". These guys are crazy!

peachytiffers said...

So I said it on facebook, but this was a fun post!