Thursday, February 24, 2011

May the Force be with you!

 Gavin had a birthday. He is now FIVE years old. What? Where has the time flown to? Seriously! FIVE? Well, this year he wanted a Star Wars party. And you know me, I love to throw a good party. That is something I am good at. I enjoy the planning, buying, decorating and during it all. FUN!
Gavin invited several of his friends and we ended up with 18 4-5 year olds. Wowza!
All my boys were dressed up in some kind of Star Wars costume. As the children arrived they put on their tunics and we played "Pass the thermal detonator" while we waited for the kids to arrive. (It's like Hot Potato. We used a balloon wrapped in tin foil.)
 Next the young Jedi trainees had to practice walking in space. They had to tip toe, hope and jump on the bubble wrap. Huge success. How doesn't like to pop bubble wrap??
 Next was a fun game. They had to place the bomb over a bad spaceship of planet.
 Next, which is the most important, was the actual Jedi Training. Scott had them come up one at a time and ask them  couple questions about themselves to determine which light saber they were able to use. (like in Harry Potter) We made the light sabers before the party started and they were a huge hit. Literally. :) A 3 foot piece of pip covering with a 10"  piece of pvc piping wrapped in black electrical tape. And then we covered the saber with colored duct tape. Easy and cheap. (Came to $1.50 each light saber)

 Next they practiced a little routine, like at Disneyland. Once they were ready, Will came in dressed as a Stromtrooper and fought each Jedi. Thankfully, they all passed! When Will first came out two kids became really scared and started to cry. Will had to take off his mask to show them it was just him.
 I used black table clothes to cover the basement windows and painted dots, planets and stars to make it look more like space.

 After opening presents we went upstairs to decorate and eat cookies. Besides making the traditional cake, I make star sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. I had frosting and a bunch of toppings to choose from.
Last, but not least, was the pinata. A party just isn't a party in the Thompson household without a pinata filled with candy! (you can't see it but it's Darth Vader's head!)
Happy, happy birthday Gavin!! I love you!

An extra special THANK YOU to my blog friends who helped me with the invite, training certificate, games, food and drink ideas and decorations! Tip Junky and Tip Junky again, At Second Street, and DeGreve!!!


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

genius!!!! and just in time for jace's birthday party! so many great what if he's gonna be 37! he's gonna love all of these ideas ;)

peachytiffers said...

Fun ideas! You are good at planning parties! Summer's comment is hilarious!