Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hogle Zoo

 Hogle Zoo offers free days in the winter time. And you know me, I won't pass up a good deal! So off we went! Look at this cute little monkey, and see how cute the furry thing is too!

 Apparently you can surf on a elephant's trunk. In the middle of winter. Cool!
 This cheetah was so close to us and kept growling at the boys in front. Thanks goodness for glass!
 Three of the tigers were snoozin' away while the fourth was playing with this teething ball on top of the roof. I hope it's strong enough to hold!

 Gavin asked which camel was "fuller". The one closer to him because it's humps were larger.
 Another cute monkey and a very large monkey in the back.

We kept throwing snowballs at each other as we walked through the zoo. The other boys are in a spider exhibit and Gavin is waiting patiently to chuck his snowball at Will.
We had such a fun time! I am so lucky to have such wonderful, adventurous loving boys in my family! We always have a good time!

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peachytiffers said...

Looks like an awesome zoo!