Saturday, February 12, 2011


 We took Gavin to Burger King and Taco Bell for a FREE lunch. Then in the early evening we took him, and the other brothers bowling. Gain had been asking to go bowling since we moved here, and it's been years since we've gone. I found a BOGO coupon and we were off! He was so surprised when we pulled in the parking lot.
 Brigham is telling me his ball is over there, but wants it back. He got the hang of it and really enjoyed himself.
 Tyler and Jackson rocked at bowling! Jackson's first game was a score of 119. And look at photo of Jack and Ty. Umm, Gavin you're over the line!! :)

 I chose this shot not to show off Gavin, but look at Brig's in the back. Laying there with his ball waiting for the pins to be placed out correctly. So cute!
 Brigham really got into it and after he'd throw the ball he'd wait there. (and wait! He'd throw the ball so slowly it took a long time for the ball to finally get to the end of the lane)
 And finally when some pins would fall, he'd jump up and be super excited!
 Nathan stayed in his stroller but seemed to have a good time watching all of us.
 They turned the lights off, added some disco balls and those neon lights and we all started to boogie!!

 A worker came over, after she'd announced it was Gavin's birthday, with a cupcake for him!
Happy, happy birthday Gavin!!


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

you guys are so fun! wish we could have come too! we're really good at wii bowling but we're not sure if that transfers into real life yet :)

peachytiffers said...

We love bowling, we used to go all the time at the tempe campus. We need to go again. I saw a cute idea on the dating divas about using m and m's to bowl in funny different ways.