Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roommate from College REUNION!!

(Yea, I'm looking at the wrong camera.)

 Here is Kim and I; one of my (coolest) roommates from college! We had a mini reunion the other night at her house. Another one of our rommies was suppose to be there too but got sick at the last minute. Bummer!!
We chatted and reminisced about the good 'ol days of life in college. It was so wonderful seeing her and her beautiful family again! (FOUR girls)
 They had a ton of dolls, barbies, dress-up stuff, pink and purple whatever and all sorts of girly stuff. My boys were playing with all of it! It was so funny. Nathan especially loved this singing Care Bear. So cute.
 Gavin drawing away. The other kids were eating popcorn and watching a movie.
Here are all the kids (minus Will, he was at sleepover)

It was so fun being with Kim and her wonderful family again!