Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tid Bits

I love my children so much. They make me laugh, smile, feel happy, and loved. Life is so wonderful with each of them in it. Her are some simple little tid bits about them and how they make my life so rich.

I love how Nathan always wants to sit on my lap and is so content there.

Gavin will come up to me at many random times a day and ask for a kiss.

Jackson is always willing to help with his little brothers anytime I ask.

Will always (tries) to tease and jokes around with me.

Tyler is always up for trying a new physical activity with me.

Nathan always says, "Hi ya!" with a big smile in the morning or in the afternoon when he wakes up.

When I am mad at the kids, Will always tells me it's okay, and I calm down so quickly because of him.

Tyler asks every night if he can sleep in my bed with me.

Gavin always helps me make meals and desserts. Always my little helper in the kitchen.

Brigham always wants to go where I am going, even if the errand isn't fun at all.

When I can't find Jackson, he is usually always sitting on his bed reading.

Nathan can crawl down the stairs but calls for me so I can give him a lift down on my hip.

Brigham always informs me when the baby is awake.

Will is always a huge help in babysitting the younger brothers for me. I never pay him for it and he has never asked.

When I see a spider or something gross Tyler always reassures me that it's ok and he'll get it for me.

When we watch a family movie Gavin and Brigham always snuggle on either side of me during the show.

Jackson is always the first to apologize, even when he didn't do it.

When it snows, Will and Tyler are the first out there shoveling the driveway for me.

At any meal or snack, Nathan gets so excited when I put him in his chair to eat. He loves food.

Tyler always completes his chores first and always asks me what more he can do.

When I am busy with the baby and I ask Gavin to go play with Brig's, he does without complaint.

Nathan, Brig's and Gavin are so excited when dad comes home. It always puts a smile on my face.

Brigham always wants to say the prayer, ALWAYS. When someone else says it, he'll start to cry. So we usually have two prayers for every meal and at night for our family prayer.

All the boys love living here in SLC, and that makes me so happy.

Will enjoys going to Scouts and is excited on some upcoming campouts.

Tyler has a goal to get 100% every week on his spelling words. He doesn't always get 100% but what a great goal for him.

Will struggled with his teacher and how she taught in the beginning of the year and now has completely changed his attitude and has straight A's.

Brigham asks everyday when he can go to school.

When Jackson comes home from school, he'll run over to Brig's and Naters and give them huge hugs.

Will, Jack and Ty will start piano lessons (again) and are excited about it!

Jackson and Tyler love being part of Swim Team and have already improved tremendously.

Gavin starts violin lessons this week and reminds me that he won't let anyone ever touch his violin, it's not a toy.

Whenever I say I need something, Brig's always chimes in, "I'll get it!!" He's always a big helper to me.

For bedtime I lay Nathan in his crib, kiss him and tell him good night and walk out. He falls asleep on his own.

Will received an alarm clock for one of his Christmas presents. He plays music every night while getting ready for bed. He's growing up too fast!

Will is always in charge of doing the dishes after dinner. He never complains and it (usually) always gets done.

Jackson has to match his clothes and have his shirt tucked in with a belt. His hair also has to be combed and not sticking up in the back.

Brigham and Nathan love taking baths together. Nathan doesn't like bubbles and Brig's knows that. When Nathan is done, Brigham then asks for Bubbles in his bath.

At almost every meal one of the boys will run up to me standing my the stove, sees what I'm making and will say, "YES! That's my favorite!!"

Gavin knows all the letters and has been practicing spelling and writing his name.

None of the boys complain when it's reading time around here. I love that.

Brigham knows he only gets a bottle when it's bedtime. So he'll ask, "Mom, ba-ba please. I'm tired, I go to bed." at 5:30 in the evening. Umm, no!

This is what I came up with in 20 minutes. Just think what I'll write about next year when they're all growing into my little men gaining their own personalities and traits. Motherhood is a blessing that I cherish everyday!


All about the Monaghans said...

You inspire me to take stalk of my own blessing and appreciate them for what they are not what I want them to be.

peachytiffers said...

It's so cool that you notice and recognize all those little things in your kids! You're a good mommy!