Monday, February 7, 2011

Felt Heart Wreath

 During the Super Bowl game I crafted a little...It was fun! It reminded me of last year's game where we had lots of my girlfriends over and we were all crafting away! (MISS YOU LADIES!!!) I found this cute idea here. I need to put a frame around it. But it turned out cute and I am happy with it!
A few days ago the boys helped me make this: Cute, but not as could as it could be. Note to self: DON'T use a hot glue gun when working with buttons...And maybe don't let the kids work on your craft. Give them their own buttons to play with! I did put this craft in a frame. I found this idea here.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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peachytiffers said...

I've been wanting to do a button one for years and just never get to it. They turned out cute!