Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Book

A few weeks ago we were all looking at the boys baby books and having a fun time together. Brigham asked where his was, and I couldn't find it. I thought I made it. For the next week I started gathering pictured and other baby stuff to start his book, and I couldn't find anything. FINALLY I found his baby book already made from birth to 1 year by my desk. The clasps were not connected correctly and I was waiting for Scott to fit them. Of course I forgot about it and it just sat there. I was thrilled I had found it. I always get the baby book together from birth to 1 year (at least) before the next baby comes. That's why I was so confused about sweet Brig's book. He loves it! He enjoys looking at it almost everyday, which melts my heart! Now, I need to start on Nathan's asap!!