Wednesday, February 1, 2012


...has been another busy day. Like usual. I'm starting to get tired. This pregnancy is making me slow down. And I DON'T WANT TO! :) I don't have time to slow down. The children will start taking over and all (you know what) will start to happen! :)

While getting sick in the kitchen sink this morning my darling sweet Brigham is standing right behind me making dry heaving noises. Thanks for that little buddy!

I taught an aerobic class yesterday am and I am still sore EVERYWHERE! I really need to work out more, but man I am so tired! It was a fun class. It was my last class until after the baby comes. I need to do a re cert of group x and want to wait until after the babe comes.

I started a new job this week. I am a crossing guard at a local elementary school. It's super easy and pays $30 an hour. I cross in the am for 30 minutes and cross in the pm for 15 (but get paid for the full time!) A little extra cash is always welcomed!

Gavin has started reading and doing really well at it. He'll choose a book and read it over and over like 25 times (until he has it memorized!) It's cute to see him growing into the next stage of his life.

 I was able to take a 45 minute nap today, which was heaven...until I went downstairs to see what the kids had done while I wasn't looking! In all fairness it wasn't really their fault, this time! Brig's was playing in the sink, but there was a leak under the sink and our entire kitchen flooded. 7 beach towels later...And our Home Teachers help in repairing it.

Time for bed!GOOD NIGHT!!