Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Par-Tay!!!

 We held our annual Super Bowl party at our house today. What a fun day! What a great game! I do wish that last pass was caught though...Anyways, we made a ton of yummy foods I wanted to share with you!
I made chocolate dipped strawberries and then used white icing to make laces like little footballs. Cute and yummy! (Please excuse Mr. Booger Boy here, he and Gavin are sickies!)
 I made boneless Buffalo wings and 2 delicious dipping sauces! The trick to the breading is keeping one hand in "dry" and the other in "wet" ingredients. Makes it so much easier to manage.
 These went fast, too fast. I had to hurry and defrost more chicken to make another batch. They were a huge hit! I made homemade Ranch dressing to dip them into and I also made homemade BBQ hot sauce. Very easy and yummy recipe!

 Another item the boys wanted were bacon wrapped shrimp. While at church the shrimp marinated and it truly made all the difference! They were yummy!
Sliders and 7-layer dip were also made and eaten, but I forgot to snap some shots of that. I also was so into the game I forgot to take some shots of all of us watching it.
The commercials were good, not great. I LOVED the Ferris Bueller commercial, the Hunger Games and Avenger's movie clip, the Doritos's with that grandma and baby. AND of course my favorite part was the halftime show featuring MADONNA!! My fav! It was a great, entertaining show. But, the lip-syncing about killed me. (I guess if you're not singing with a band it would be hard to really sing at that venue?) Loved the oldies, but her new song. Hmm...A 52 year old cheer leader, with Nicky Minja?
Still, Madonna rocks. I'd love to see her again on person!