Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Scratcher's for Primary

 For primary yesterday I wanted to do something extra special for Valentine's Day. I told the kids that a bunch of Valentines were mailed to my house accidentally, so I brought them to church. I found this adorable idea form one of my favorite primary music blogs found here. Inside were large red heart with the song written on them.
 I wanted to make this idea a little more fun by using hearts with scratchers on them. I wrote a bunch of fun songs and covered it with gold paint for the children to scratch off to discover which song we would sing. This scratch idea was found here.

It was a family affair helping me put this project together. THANKS Will and Scott!!! It turned out great! The kids really enjoyed this activity. I made 8 envelopes and 16 scratch hearts (8for jr. an 8 for sr.!) The scratchers will also work for several other holidays and special events. The kids loved it!