Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Real ultrasound

While my mom was in town this past weekend I had my ultrasound scheduled, the real one. The other 2 were just to see what the sex pf the baby is, this one would show us the face, the hands, the heart, the femur... We thought it would be funny to pretend we didn't know what we were having. We told the technician I have 6 boys, but thought it may be another boy, but we weren't sure. She became very excited to find out for us and moved the magic wand all over my belly. The technician stopped in the bottom region and froze the shot. We saw a cute little bottom and a teeny tiny penis. SHOCKING! We acted a little bummed at first and then were excited. She seemed a little sad for us. It was funny!


Tara Diaz Nelson said...

You are so much fun.... What a joy to have another baby :) yeah for boys.... :) Congrats again Lori.

Michele said...

You guys are so funny! Poor tech! LOL