Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Banner

 I finally completed one of my Valentine's crafts! YIPPY! I went through my extra fabric and collected all the pink and red ones I could find. I also went to Joann's to buy the cute pom-pom's (for the top of the banner). I started on Wednesday but my sewing machines were giving me problems. I ran one of them in to get a quick tune-up and then headed home to finish sewing my banner. My cute friend, Alacey, is like the banner queen. Seriously! She has a banner for her mantel for every holiday!
 After measuring my banner, and then deciding how large I wanted the triangles, I them started cutting the cute material with a cream backing. (That was extra material I had when I made tunic's for Gavin's Star Wars birthday party last year!)
 I sewed the pieces together...
 added embellishments...and sewed the white pom-pom's on.

 Cute, easy and fun. I did make it waaaay too long. (I even measured! UGH!)But I love it. At V and Co. they have a great tutorial! She is super talented!

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Lacey said...

Very cute! I love the double loops! You really can't go wrong with a banner! It's all left up to your imagination!