Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trafalga Party for Gavin

 Yesterday was Gavin's birthday party at Trafalga. He invited 4 friends and we were off! Brigham came and Will also came to help chaperon. I'm pretty sure he had just as much fun as the other kiddos though! This year is low-key parties. I usually go overboard. I love it though, parties are always fun to plan for. But, this year we have free passes at Trafalga, and so a lot of our friends!
 The kids went on the rock wall the most. 5 or 6 times! Most of the kids would go higher every time. It was sweet to see their confidence grow in minutes!
 Gavin invited Conner, Nathan, Gentry, and Tilly. His 4 most favorite friends. (#5 and 6 are very close too, I just ran out of room in my car!)

 This was Brigham's first time on the rick wall. We've been there 4 times and he's never wanted to climb before. I think because the girls were so scared to go and then saw them change their mind, he wanted to go too. And he did great! At first he'd only go up one or two steps then come back down. By the end of the party he was almost half way!
 We went laser tagging next. The girls and I only went once, it was a little too dark and the gun was a little too heavy for them to carry. The other kids went 3 times!
 At Lehi Trafalga they have TWO miniature golf courses. One inside and one outside! It was such a beautiful day yesterday, like 55 degrees, we headed outside to play 18 holes.

 We headed back in for cupcakes and to open gifts.

It was an easy, fun, inexpensive party for the G-man. He had a wonderful time.