Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday again to an AMAZING WIFE and MOTHER of 7!!!

So, it has been 2 years since the last time that I hacked my wife's account.

The link to the last birthday hack can be found by clicking that link.

I wanted to do it again, because there is a lot that needs to be said about this amazing woman that I somehow convinced to marry me 13 years ago.  She has so many amazing qualities that have been reviewed in the previous birthday post above, but I wanted to add some more.

Lori continues to be an AMAZING MOM!  She always puts the needs and desires of her family before her own.  She is continually looking for activities for the boys to do with each other, and activities that we can do as a family.  She keeps it all organized on a wall calendar and in her day calendar in her purse.  She daily creates "to-do" lists to make sure that she gets everything done that she has planned for the boys and for the family.  Even if it means sacrificing some of the things that she would like to do, she does it!  And she doesn't complain about it!!  I have heard countless times from other ladies that they don't know how she does everything that she does, but she definitely seems to do about 4-5X more than most other moms do.

In addition to being the MOM to our awesome family, Lori has graciously volunteered her time to help dozens of other moms struggling with their newborns or the issues of parently newborns.  I have often termed Lori the "baby whisperer" because I have found that she has an amazing knack to just know what newborns need.  She has the amazing skills to parent these newborns throughout their difficulties and wants to share that knowledge with other people.  I know there are a bunch of moms out their who are grateful for the time she has taken to help them out, whether in person or over the phone...

Lori is also a COUPONER! She takes those awesome organization skills and applies it to saving our family LOTS of money.  She scans various websites that offer great deals and then makes sure that she has all the right coupons printed and clipped, to maximize our savings.  I have been with her on a number of occasions and seen over 50% savings on things that we actually use everyday.  I am not talking about storage of more dish soap that the neighborhood could ever possibly consume, I am talking about savings on things like cereal, soup, snacks, etc. that our 6 boys eat on a daily basis.  Thank you for taking the time to organize and save us money!!!

Lori is CRAFTY (sung in the same manner as the Beastie Boys).  She absolutely LOVES to craft.  She seems to be making new crafts all of the time.  Some are to give away as gifts, but most are to be used around the house to make things feel more like a home.  She is able to look at ideas on the internet and then make them pretty easily.  She loves posting these crafts here on the blog to share with you guys and let you know how they turned out.

Lori is also the QUEEN OF PARTIES and HAVING FUN!  Whenever she enters a room, her enthusiasm is contagious.  People just love to have fun when she is around, and Lori loves to have fun, so it is a win-win.  She loves to host parties at the house, and I think those who have attended would say that it is always a LOT of fun with the fun activities and food that are provided.  She is an AMAZING PRIMARY CHORISTER and I know that the kids at church always have a ton of fun with the things that she does with them.  Rather than doing the same thing over and over, she is constantly striving to find new ideas to implement and make the primary singing experience fun and spiritual at the same time.

Lori loves to ORGANIZE GROUPS for common ideas and fun!  She read on a blog about a produce co-op, and thought to herself, "I can do that!".  And she did.  She sought out the necessary information to obtain the produce from a local wholesaler, and then found out which ladies in the area would be interested in participating.  This number has grown now to over 50 women who enjoy the blessings of discounted produce on a weekly basis.  Lori also organized a Photog group on Facebook, where they photograph a key word each week and then share them with each other.  Lori then uses these pictures to create a collage of all of the contributions.  It is a LOT of fun!

Lori is also an AMAZING Blogger!!!  As you can probably tell, if you have spent any time at all on this site, she puts a LOT of effort in reporting to others how much fun we are having as a family.  She puts a LOT of effort into compiling summaries of what we have done, or sharing ideas of things that she has run across that you might enjoy.  I know she check the blog daily looking for comments from her readers, and she is always thrilled when you take the time to comment on a post that she has made.  PLEASE leave more comments, because this definitely makes her feel that more people are reading the things that she writes.  She will often get comments from people that they had read about "that" on her blog, but then they never made a comment.  Don't be a lurker.... LOL  A lurker is someone who reads the blog, and never posts any comments...

Lori is the BEST WIFE IN THE WORLD!  She is sassy and sexy, and always keeps me on my toes...  She loves to cuddle up an watch movies or TV in bed.  She loves to make cute little gifts for me for my birthday, anniversary, or for no reason at all.  She understands who I am as a person, what I enjoy to do, and what she can do to support me in the many things that I have on my plate.  While she would love to have me around more on a daily basis, she understands when I can't be, and just makes the time we do have together count that much more.

In the Book of Mormon, it says that if all men were like unto Captain Moroni, the very depths of hell would be shaken.  Well, I would go so far as to say that if all women were like unto Lori Thompson, the same depths of hell would be shaken.

There is a quote that I have seen recently on Pinterest that says "Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says 'Uh, oh... She's up!'".  Well I am happy to say, that Lori is THAT kind of WOMAN, and she is definitely MY KIND OF WOMAN!!!


P.S. Leave your own comments below and let Lori know how much you love and appreciate her!!!


TAG + 1 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORI!! I miss you, my friend! You are a wonderful friend & one of my favorite things about you is your unwavering honesty about being a mother. I know you don't look for praise & "wow, Lori accomplishes more than 3 moms together" when you do things for your family, but our family will be better for the example & time you have shared! I hope today is the beginning to a wonderful year for you! ~Alicia

Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

Hope you have a great birthday and Scott great job hacking into the blog, I enjoyed the reading!!!

DoryQueen said...

I absolutely loved what Scott wrote and all I can say is "ditto" You are an amazing example to our family and to the world I love reading your blog It inspires me Im so happy we are related Maybe some of your awesomeness will rub off! Love you and thanks for always being there for us Love Jeana

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

you are that kind of woman lori! and we sure love you!!! happy happy birthday to you from the ga crew! thanks scotty for taking the time to pay tribute to your wonderful lady!

MP Flory said...

Great post! I wish my husband would hack my account!

All about the Monaghans said...

Ha Ha Ha I am a bir of a lurker! I love seeing how you guys are doing and updating my family on your status. But sadly sometimes all I have time to do is read. Anyway great job Scott I am glad that you know,appreciate and can express your gratitude for your companion. PS HAPPY BLATED CIRTHDAY LORI. I did post on face book but forget to send so it never made it. PSS I am glad that you are having a little boy. You really know what to do to teach them how to be righteous young men and Future GREAT husbands.

Heather said...

This was very special and very heartfelt! I love you to sister! I think you are an inspiration to more people than you know! Keep it up and and I am sure you had a fabulous birthday!