Monday, February 6, 2012

Ha ha, sucka!

My sweet adorable fun baby Nathan is turning into a TERROR! He is still always smiling and happy, BUT he is getting into EVERYTHING! Seriously, I leave the room for a few minutes and a switch turns in his little head and Dr. Jekyll comes out to play. It is better than throwing tantrums, but it's getting old. He's a mini tornado I follow around all day. He's messier than all the boys put together! He'll go in the refrigerator or the cupboard and pull out milk, or cereal, or syrup, or peanut butter or.....And spill it all over the bar and floor. He opened 8 Kool-aids the other day into a pitcher, well half into a pitcher half on the floor. His hands were bright red from mixing it in. Lovely! I made some spaghetti sauce where he watched me put  dash of this and that in. I left for a few minutes and he added more ingredients to the pot and counter, and floor. It was the most spicy sauce we've ever had. Almost uneatable.  He loved it though. He's a little scientist experimenting with hi free time. The thing is, mommy is getting tired! So finally Scott bought some locks for the refrigerator and food pantry! YEAH!!! The additional cool thing about these new locks is that Brigham and Gavin can't get into them either! The messes and snacking will stop! YEAH!