Friday, July 20, 2012

1,000th Post

Wowza! I'm at my 1000th post! I started this blog 10-1-08, wanting to document fun activities my family were participating in, craft and recipe ideas, and random thoughts and happenings going on in my head.

I used to be a great journal writer, but now I have a blog and journal in a completely different way. I love it. I love viewing other friends and families blogs too.
My very first entry was about joining the band wagon of blogging and why I wanted to (finally) start my own. I am thrilled I did. I have been able to share so many stories with friends and family that live far away. I also love it because I often go back to see what happened on a certain date or to view pictures of my boys that were just babies yesterday!

Here are a few random pictures taken on my phone from the past couple weeks. This is what I've been up to!

 We renewed the Passes of All Passes and headed to the water park a couple times a week. It was nice to float in the water and to cool off!
 We also head to Trafalga once a week, which is always super fun. Cute Jackson won the jackpot and won 2,000 tickets!! Nice job!
 I bought this beautiful Prada bag in NYC. I had a blast on my trip and I'm lovin' my new bag!
 3 days before I delivered I saw this sign and wanted to stop for a photo. Cute idea!
 I made an Americana craft for my door. I haven't crafted for a while, and I really miss it. I'll get a little more free time after the hustle and bustle of summer is over!
 All my boys, except the baby and Nathan, are in Santa Barbara with my mom hanging out and participating in camps. This is what Nathan had for dinner a few nights ago. A brownie, a piece of chocolate cake, and a bowl of Trix. Lovely.
 Oh yeah, I had my 7th baby!
 My brother, William, mailed this picture of himself to my mom who texted it to me. Not a great picture, but this is Uncle William. He is a wonderful guy caught up in some bad habits and desires. Yes, this is taken in prison where he is currently at.
 Scott and Nathan collect several chicken eggs daily for me. It's so cute that Nathan has to copy Scott by holding the eggs in his shirt.
I'll end with my sweet newborn who is 13 days old. I love these wraps that you snuggle babies in. Preston is snug as a bug and is sleeping great!

Well, thank you for coming along this 1,000th journey with me! Hopefully there will be 1,000nd more posts to come!

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DoryQueen said...

I love your blog and am so glad you started it. Here's to 1000+ more! Love ya!