Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Reading Programs

Every summer I try to find some fun reading programs for my boys to participate in. I want them to continue reading all summer long and it helps when there are different incentives. Here are a few Reading programs we're doing or have done before.
Barnes and Noble
Pottery Barn
SLC Library (or your own local library) Chuck E. Cheese

There are also fun things you can do at home to encourage reading throughout the summertime and enjoy it. The easiest method is to lead the charge yourself by creating a simple dinnertime or bedtime routine in which a chapter of a book is read by a different family member each night. Another approach is to read through the the entire works of a given author or series, then celebrating the end of that journey with a special family day that is themed around what you've read. Make a chart, have a basket full of new books, make a cute reading chart, make creative book marks for your children to use, visit the library often...There are a ton more ideas on line. There are also book lists for age and gender of children to give you ideas of what books they may be interested in.