Monday, July 2, 2012

50th Wedding Anniversary

Scott's parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary over the weekend in Cedar City!!! Elizabeth, Scott's oldest sibling, planned the entire event from Virginia, and did an outstanding job.
On Friday evening there were kids games, like Minute to Win it. We ate pizza dinner and hung out with lots and lots of cousins.

My boys had a blast with their Thompson cousins. Unfortunately, we don't get to see and hang out with the rest of the Thompsons very often, so this was a treat.

Will and Jackson were against each other in the rubber band game.

On Saturday morning were family pictures. After the boys were thrilled to untuck their shirts and mess up their hair. Then we found out there was a few more shots, oops! Boys will be boys!

Saturday night was the big party. Everyone was dressed up so nicely. All the boys/men had gold bowties on. As Helen and Harley walked into the gym we all bowed for them, like a royal court.

In the middle of the gym was dancing, which all the little cousins enjoyed. And all us adults loved watching! Helen's dress was so beautiful and Harley looked so sharp in his Tux.

Around all the walls were huge photos of Helen and Harley during all their 50 years of marriage. On one wall was this. Maybe at their 60th my family will take up two rows! :)

Not only a beautiful cake, but delicious as well!

The guy in the white shirt right next to Scott's dad is Scott Peterson. Elder Scott Peterson was a missionary in Florida when he met Helen, Harley and their 2 kids. After baptizing them, Helen and Harley knew there were more children for them in heaven and soon after Scott, Patrick and Paul came along. Here is Scott Peterson's legacy.

Thank you Scott for being a great missionary. Thank you Helen and Harley for listening to the spirit and entering the waters of baptism.

The entire weekend was so much fun (and painful). I am so glad we were able to attend this fun family reunion. I say painful because I was having contractions a lot of the time. every 10 minutes here....every 5 minutes there...and then nothing. Every 4 minutes...every 2 minutes...and then nothing!