Friday, July 6, 2012


Here are the stats of all my boys, none of them are born on the same day, weigh the same or have the same first initial.

Will 9-8-99 10lbs 6oz
Jackson 9-17-01 9lbs 8oz
Tyler 10-05-03 9lbs 12oz
Gavin 02-11-06 9lbs 0oz
Brigham 03-10-08 9lbs 10oz
Nathan 09-29-09 9lbs 11oz

So what is YOUR guess of this next baby's stats?

He will be born tomorrow, 07-07-12, but what will he weigh? I hope it's not the same weight as the others!!

Sticking with the 7 theme my guess is 9lbs 7oz!! We will see!


Lori Thompson said...

He knew his place and fit in perfectly weighing 9lbs. 9oz! Still unsure of the name...but we're both doing great!!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

oh man!!! i was off line a few days and missed it!!! congrats and sweet nuzzles to the newest little thompson man!! good job mama!