Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Primary Singing Time

Tell the primary children that you are having your own Primary Singing time Olympics!!!

I found this GREAT idea from i heart primary music!!

Write the events on different pieces of paper and have them randomly draw one out to choose the event! Here are the events for our review:

High Jump, Shot Put, Volleyball, Javelin, Archery, Discus, High Dive, Pass the Torch and Olympic Ring Toss.

High Jump -

Put song titles on small squares of paper and stack them high on the wall. Have a child jump as high as they can and grab the song!!!

Shot Put -

Put numbers representing songs (or song titles) in the bottom of a muffin tin. Let a child stand from a line and see if they can toss a cotton ball (ahem... I mean, shot put) into one!!!

Volley Ball -

Choose a song that needs reviewing and while you sing, see if your children can keep the balloon in the air. Let them toss it around to each other (they MUST stay in their seat!).

Javelin -

Straw = javelin :)

Put down some tape lines on the floor and write different ways to sing on them. (Humming, staccato, high squeaky, just boys, just girls...) Let the child who chose "Javelin" throw the straw (javelin). Which ever line is below the straw, is the way to sing. Choose a song that needs reviewing or a fun song!

Discus -

This is the same thing as the javelin but with a paper plate "discus"!!! Have fun!

Archery -

For this event you will need paper plates, string to hang them, tape, and rubber bands.
The child will get 3 chances to shoot a rubber band and hit a paper plate target. On each target is an action to do while you sing.
Here are some examples:
Swimming - move arms like swimming forward
Running - Run in place
Rowing - row like your in a kayak
Jumping - jump up and down
Kicking - kick your foot like you are kicking a soccer ball

 High Diving -

Let a child stand from a chair and try to drop a clothes pin into a bottle. Number each clothes pin and the one that goes in the bottle is the song to sing!

Pass the Torch -

Choose a song that needs reviewing and let the children pass the Olympic Torch around as you sing. Make sure every child gets a chance to touch it! You could have the pianist stop at random and the child holding the torch must say the next phrase to the song...then, continue on.
This torch was made from a paper towel tube and tissue paper.
***(The Olympic Flame is lighted by the Olympic torch during the opening ceremonies. The flame is a symbol of peace. Thousands of relay runners from many countries carry it to the stadium of the city hosting the games. The flame is passed by hand from one runner to the next.)

Olympic Ring Toss -

 Here is a picture of a simple ring toss to make. It's made from paper plates and paper towel tubes. For the rings, cut out the inside of the paper plate and color them with markers. And for the other part, cut a small hole in a paper plate and stick the paper towel tube in it. Secure with tape.

After, I made these for each of the kids! FUN!

Again, THANK YOU i heart primary music for this great idea!!