Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pain Reliever

One of my greatest fears is becoming addicted to perscription medication. I rarely will even take Tylenol or Advil. I was reading a report a while back that the state of Utah is the highest in users of illicit prescription medication. I was floored. But if you think about it, most residents here are LDS and don't smoke or drink liquor. It's not so much having a drug addict brother, it's more of accidentally over medicating myself and then finding myself addicted. It breaks my heart just thinking about it. It would be so devastating for my sweet little family, any one's family. After having Preston I was talking to Scott and my doctor about a pain reliever that you cannot get addicted to. And there is one out there! I was surprised they didn't laugh in my face and say NO! For some reason my lower back was bothering me. Not sure if it was from the epidural or the mere fact I had given birth. Regardless, I wanted a little something, but was scared to take anything. Scott and Dr. Yamashiro told me about Tramadol, a non narcotic pain reliever. He ordered me a script and I was a happy camper. I am happy to report my back is pain free, and I still have a couple tablets left over.
If you have this weird phobia, like me, ask about Tramadol.
(I am not a paid endorser of this product! :) )

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Stacy said...

I take Tramodol for my shoulder (after my skiing accident) and its better than the other medicine which makes me silly,crazy, etc :)