Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aww, Sunday's.

What happened to relaxing Sunday's? Those wonderful Sunday's where after you come home from church you take a nice long nap?
Sunday's are usually quit hectic. Scott leaves about 530-6am each Sunday morning, so it's just the boys and I for the majority of the day. Will watches Jack, Ty and Gavin for me so I can sleep in until 830 or so! THANKS sweet boy! When I get up I usually make a big breakfast for us all. The boys play the Wii or other games. I looked through my 3 papers. (For lots of coupons!) I try to shower and dress first so it's easier to help the other boys do it later. Someone always forgets a belt, a shoe, a tie or to brush their teeth. I am always reminding the boys to look, dress and act like missionaries at all times. Thank goodness our ward meets at noon, until September then it will start at 8am! I have a bag full of stuff for my calling I need to pack and take. I am the primary chorister. We also have a "church bag" that is full of reading books, puzzles, paper and crayons. I also add in a water bottle and snacks each Sunday. Scott has a row saved for us already and in we all climb in. I know it's important for all of us to attend Sacrament, but every Sunday I question myself why I am there. I don't listen to any speaker or testimony given. I can't listen. There is way too much going on in my row. I'm too busy shushing one of the boys, reminding one to sit back to back, fold their arms....I am also trying to keep Gavin quiet and busy as well as Brig's. It's a mini workout sitting there for an hour and half. The boys are pretty good, but it's still a chore to say the least. Brigham is so cute when he sees Scott sitting up on the stand. He starts yelling "Da, da!!" and flapping is arm up and down. Every once in a while Brig's will escape and start running down the isle to get his daddy. It's cute to see how much brig's adores him. Sometimes I sit there and wish I was sitting on the stand and Scott had to deal with the boys. That would be very entertaining to watch! We do have a rule that the boys can't get out any books or toys or snacks until after the sacrament has been passed.
After Sacrament I'm off to the Primary room where Brigham wonders around and gets into everything. Sometimes Scott can take him for me. I really enjoy teaching singing time to the children. It's a lot of fun. We have a HUGE primary. The kids are really good and seem to enjoy singing time that I have planned.
After church we all hustle in to the car and head on home where we change our clothes, eat some food and play. Scott makes it home after 5pm or so. Last night he walked in the door to his office, grabbed some keys and walked right back out. He sure is a busy bee. There was a housing activity that he was in charge of. The boys and I walked over around 6ish to eat at the BBQ and then headed home to start our nightly routine. Scott had another meeting at 7 pm and came home a little after 830pm.
Just think, we get to do it all again in 6 days! :)

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Jace said...

hahaha...i feel your pain sista! yesterday they cancelled our meetings after sac. so jace and i were snuggling in and watching the snow fall and reminiscing about the easy days of sunday :) i think it started truly becoming a juggling act about 3 kiddos! i remember honestly saying i'm really excited to have another one but how will we physically do sundays :) it is such a workout! right now our only true wiggler is haven but i have jace to take him out...i can't imagine it with jace up front :) right now we toss him between elders quorum where jace is pres and primary where i'm 2nd counselor and usually running some show or another. as for meetings, we don't have it anywhere as tough...he's got meetings for an hour and a half before and after and that's it! i do feel for you when it goes to 8am...9would be my dream time...right now we're at 1pm which is easy but kills the day...nap time :(