Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beach, again!

We had so much fun yesterday at the beach we decided to go again today to a different beach. I laid Brig's down for a nap and the boys and I went to Henry's beach. It was B-E-A-utiful! The sun was shining bright, no clouds in the sky. Surfer's out in the water. Birds flying by. We had a blast!
Jackson and Tyler love to put thier chairs in the water and wait for waves to get them! Gavin enjoys playing and building things in the sand.

Here Tyler is trying to surf on a boogy board. He wanted to surf because the water was too cold for him to put his chest on the board. Standing was so much easier! :)

Papa and Will brought their metal detector to see what treasure's they could find. A key and some bottle caps was all!

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Jace said...

oh man! i miss the beach! it looks like the perfect beach day...it's so nice that they live out there so you have a home away from home...