Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brighams' Birthday!

Look who just turned one year old!! My sweet baby Brigham. Man, time has gone by quickly. Too quick. I love when my boys are small little babies. It's fun to see them grow up to become little men, but I sure do enjoy the time they're babies.

Brigham's delivery was real hard. Too hard for the 5th pregnancy. The last few weeks of my pregnancy was rough too. I went into the hospital on Sunday night around 8pm and he wasn't born until the next day, early afternoon. Come to find out he was face up. I don't wish that on anyone! What a difference a slight roted body makes. PAINFUL! And I had a ton of people in the delivery room with me. That sucked too. Usually I don't mind. Gavin was almost 1 push and he literally flew out. The Doctor wasn't there, just a nurse!

Regardless of the pain, it sure was wonderful to finally meet him and see his adorable chubby little face! He has been a wonderful baby! He sure has a unique look to him. Always has. A round face with an adorable little butt chin. And chubby. So many cute little rolls all over his cute little body. Right now he has 3 teeth. I see a couple more almost in. The other 4 boys had at least 8 teeth by now. His first word was "Mama". He has been the only boy that has said mama first! He also says "dada", and "nana". I am a little surprised he can't say "banana" yet. He's just a little different, and I love it!

All the brothers have really enjoyed having him as a member of our family. What a wonderful member to our family he has been. I am still getting to know him and his personality. It will be fun to see what his interests will be soon.

He loves his passy. He loves bananas. He loves his mommy. He loves to see dad after a long day away from him. He loves his car that he can climb in and out of and honks the horn. He loves talking on the phone to his Nana. he loves holding his passy while drinking his bottle. He loves going through moms purse and pulling out all the credit cards.

When Brigham was 5 months old he started scooting around. by 6 months he was crawling all over the place. He crawled funky too. His right leg was tucked behind him. I called it a lazy leg. It was so cute. He took his first steps at 9 months and was walking by 10.

He has blond hair that is slightly curly at the ends. The top of his head has really long hair. We say he has a comb over like his Papa. :)

I guess I could go on and on. So, I will stop here. I just want all of you to know that I am truly in love with my sweet baby Brig's. He is so wonderful. I hope he has a very happy birthday!



Chandy said...

Happy Birthday Brigham! What a darling boy!

Angie B said...

I love you my little Brigadoon!!! Happy 1st birthday big boy...now get on a plane and come see your Aunt Angie (K, cousin...but ask your Mom about it...we say Aunt!) I Love you <3

Mamathom and Papathom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Sorry, we did not get to sing Happy Birthday to him. He is a sweetheart. Love you.

peachytiffers said...

That last picture is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!