Saturday, March 7, 2009

Multi-Cultural Event

On Friday at the boys school they had a Multi-Cultural event. Each class has been planning this for over 2 months. There was a lot of time, efforts and energy put into this activity. Each class choose a country around the world. There was Greece, Mexico, Egypt, Scotland, India, China, Canada, France and others chosen. Each class had to set a display table of projects that each child worked on. They also had to do a skit, sing a song or dance from their country.

Tyler's class was Mexico. They sang a song and did a little dance. It was really cute.

Jackson's class choose Greece. Jackson did a report on Greek Art. The class recited the Greek alphabet and sang a Greek song. It too was really cute.

Will's class choose Egypt. Will did a little report on the pyramids, and the class sang a song. It was "King Tut" by the comedian Steve Martin. It was really funny.


Kara Miller said...

Funky funky Tut! :)

Zana said...

You are seriously the best journal keeper...your kids will love you for it.
You've got a lot of classes to keep track of! I haven't hit that stage yet, it's going to sneak up pretty fast I'm sure.