Monday, March 30, 2009


Last Saturday I went to a tri-stake gardening class that went from 9am to 2pm. I actually stayed until closer to 4pm and he still wasn't done! It was pretty awesome. We met in the chapel and he discussed several things and showed us pictures of before and after and the different ways to build your garden. He has visited all over the world teaching different communities and governments how to build and maintain a proper garden. Jim follows and teaches the Mittleider Method. Have you ever heard of that?

There are several people in our ward and community that want to build a garden. I'm trying to find out if we can have a community plotting area or if we all do this in our own backyards. I love, love, love gardening! I always have. In Santa Barbara my garden was always thriving. Then I moved here to HOT, HOT, HOT Arizona and can hardly manage to grow anything. BUMMER!

I am a little skeptical of going to all the work and doing a mini garden in my back yard and then have it fail yet again. I know his methods will work virtually anywhere, just not here. But we'll see! I have been collecting all the tools and things I will need and this Saturday we'll start. I'll keep you posted!

Here are some photos of last Saturday's event.


rachel said...

Let us know on your progress. Gardening is definitely different here. In IL you can grow anything anywhere and it's so different here. Best of Luck!

Jace said...

hey lady...i was so excited to get to finally plant a garden. we've never even attempted one due to az. the ground here is red clay though? who knew. so, we made two of those square foot gardens. with boards around the edges and you fill it with a flower box only larger scale. we planted one full of melons and one full of lettuces and tomatoes. we already have green :) i'm so excited i can't stand it! i even am taking's the little things in life i guess :) anyway, good luck and just do it! it's worth the effort if it is what you feel the need to do. and we felt the need!

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Good luck. Maybe some tomatoe plants in between the flowers in the front might be an idea.

Deanna Semendoff said...

One of my friends went to this seminar, last week and said it was boring, and he tried to sell products, books DVD's etc. She even said people were walking out, so the girls in my ward didn't end up going...hmmm