Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why do you...

When my mom flew in last week from California the boys were all very excited to see her again. I picked her up at the airport with Brig's and Gavin and we headed straight to the boys school to get them. We walked to each classroom and the boys were so excited to see their Nana there.

Will runs up to her and hugs her tight. As they walk through the hallway will turns to my mom and says, " Why did you dye your hair white on the top?" !!!!! HA!!!! HA!!! I was laughing so dang hard! My mom said she's been too busy to dye her hair BROWN but would do it when we got to SB. (Yeah, right!)

Here is what her hair looks like!


DoryQueen said...

She looks like my mom now!

Jace said...

hahaha...that's great! about a month agao (i stopped dying cause it won't cover all of my grays now :() genna came over to me as i was getting ready for church and asked what i spilled in my hair? i took her seriously and looked in the mirror only to realize she was mentioning all of my white hair! i'm too young to be so gray!