Thursday, March 12, 2009

How-To Tell You're Expecting

I try to tell Scott, my boys and mom in a cute way with each pregnancy. Here are some of the tops ways I've shared the great news!

I gave my mom a bunch of frames. One of them said "To be pictured February 2006". (Gavin) It took her a few days to see it and understand what I meant!

I e-mailed my mom a bunch of pictures to look through of the boys. One of the pictures I took was of Gavin wearing a shirt that said, "I'm the big brother". She joked about it when she first saw it, then realized what it meant!

We went to Build-a-Bear and the boys and I picked out a cute little bunny and we added a voice box inside that said, "Congratulations, Nana, on grand baby number six!" We mailed it to her and said it was an early Easter present. She had it a few days until we told her to hug it tight. Then finally she heard the good news!

I took a test to see if I was expecting and there was no double pink line. So, I tossed it in the trash. Later that night Scott asked if I took the test. I told him yes, but it was negative. He thought I was kidding and went through the trash and found it and he says, "Yes you are!" With a big smile. I looked at it again and there WAS 2 pink lines! I just hadn't waited long enough before! So, Scott told me that I was expecting! That was with Gavin.

When I was expecting with Jackson, I put the test in a small box, then I put that into another box a little larger, and another a little larger......He went through like 10 boxes to find the small test and was thrilled.

What are some cute ways YOU'VE done it or heard about??


Chandy said...

Hello, your ideas are so fun, I wasn't that clever...

Ok, with Lisa, I was the one surprised since I decided to go back to doing aerobics and tummy crunches. But after a while, I would feel sick. After a fourth P-test that turned out negative, I just ignored the pains. But the 4th test, it became positive with the second line like yours, but very faint so I went to the doctor and he says, I was 4 months along and hoped that I wasn't doing anything rigorous! LOL

With Jasmine, it was a total surprise since I went back to work part time. I couldn't eat breakfast for a while. When we told his parents, we did it very gingerly over dinner at their place. Since we've waited two years, they weren't sure how to take it, but in a few days, it sunk in and they were just over the moon about it!

With Ian, I had a dream that I had a household with a boy playing with my girls. When I told Charlie about it, he was quiet but soon realized that I was serious. And since we were moving from CA to AZ, he had mixed feelings about fulfilling the dream before the big move because of all the packing I had to do on my own. When we got to AZ, in Gilbert, I got so sick within the first month that I thought I had RSV or Valley Fever. The doctor said "no, you're just pregnant, 7 weeks." We waited to tell his parent for another few weeks since I had a 9-day bleeding complication, but when we did, his parents made sure that they were there for the big day!

Jace said...

no fun stories the ideas though :) my first one (after we thought we couldn't have kids because we had already been married 9 whole months!!! and i wasn't pregnant yet :) we were so young) my mother in law was standing outside the door waiting for me to take it :) it would be her first grandbaby...she had taken me to the local drugstore and her whole world was in my hands :) awkward!!!
azure was fun because we waited til father's day to tell my dad (who we were living with at the the basement) that we were having our 5th child :) not sure if it was me purposefully waiting or subconsciously waiting :) they were always thrilled for us though! fun times! i'm just still so excited!!!