Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nap Time!

Gavin is 3 years old and is hardly taking naps anymore. :( But there are a few days here and there when he does take a nap. There are days he NEEDS to take a nap. There are days I wish he'd take a nap, like the other day. I could tell he was so tired. I told him to just lay down for a little rest, not a nap, just a rest. A few minutes later I went into his room to check on him and this is how I found him.
All curled up on the chair in front on the TV watching cartoons.

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Angie B said...

That is the cutest! I can see him "trying" to just rest, not sleep! But once that thumb goes in, the eyes roll back and boom....he's a gonner! Sweet little boy xoxo