Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning….

What a wonderful morning it was! We all woke up around 8am and ate a delicious breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon with orange juice. Then off to the living room to open the gifts. At my moms house she has a lot of cats so only Santa’s presents were out under the tree with a large beach towel n top of them to protect them, just in case. Before the present extravaganza started we brought out all the other gifts from Scott and I and the boys. The area was FULL! How blessed are we! The boys opened all of Santa’s gifts first. THANK YOU Santa!

The boys already seemed happy and satisfied with those gifts. At our house Santa uses the same wrapping paper, a very special kind and he also gives the kids 3 gifts each. Like I said, he is so generous! We took turns one by one opening gifts and the boys did a real nice job of saying thank you and liking each gift they received.

My gifts were pans, a juicer, large cutting knives, lotion, a sander, and a beautiful watch. Thank YOU EVERYONE! Scott got socks, a belt, shorts, 2 pairs of pants, some Wii games a book from Michael Crichton, pillows and some DS games. Will got a bike, clothes, church shoes, clothes, a golf glove, DS games, teddy bears, a Bakugan book, Wimpy Kid book, a watch, Lego's and some games. Jackson got a few plush horses, lots of Lego's, Bakugan’s, clothes, transformers, a tin to hold all those (dumb) Bakugan, a Wow Wee Alive Panda Cub, socks, and some DS games. Tyler got several different sizes and types of Tiger's, Lego's a remote control Hummer, Transformers, Bakugans, socks, and some games. (Do you see the pattern here….) Gavin received some Handy Manny toys, a tool set, a jack hammer and blow torch, socks, and a remote control Hummer. Brigham received a few plush Elmo’s, a Elmo book, a ball, a baby doll, Mr. Potato Head with Suitcase, socks…hmmm….I don’t remember…..He helped opened lots of “family” gifts. Nathan got some passy’s, a teething toy, a ball thingy, diapers and wipies.

Like I said we had a GREAT Christmas! Thank you Santa, Nana and Papa!

After the chaos of opening all those gifts we played with a few of them and then got ready and headed to Lompoc. We have several wonderful cousins who live there. We had lunch there, visited, played games, and did a gift exchange. I made vinyl sign for everyone…shocking I know! I received a cute little bubble bath set, and THREE new Willow Tree figurines! How wonderful! One of them is from the angel series and she is crossing her arms to make the “love” sign in ASL! I can’t believe I don’t already have it!

We drove home and made a yummy prime rib roast dinner with a veggy, homemade rolls, baked potatoes, and some dips and chips. We set the table and everything!
We had a VERY Merry Christmas. I hope you did too!


Jace said...

okay, first of all...i'm exhausted just reading about everything you did in one day :) second, love all of the shots of the boys in the yard. so many fun memories you have there and now to have the boys fortunate enough to be making memories there too...magical! third, it sounds like you got the same gifts i got! :) there are only a few things i need in life to make it wonderfully full...a new kitchen appliance, some lotions, oh...and some warm house socks for this cold, winter weather :) we love and miss you guys! happy new year!

Jace said...

dang it! i just can't keep jace off of your blog! :) too lazy to log out and back in...

DoryQueen said...

Lori thanks for posting about Christmas. It's always hard to be away from the family at this time of year and your post helped me feel closer to you and the gang. Glad you had a wonderful day. Love ya. Jeana

Mamathom and Papathom said...

WOW. What a Christmas. Loved the pictures and the updates.