Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Over Thanksgiving weekend Scott took some of the boys golfing. They've been asking for a long time and always want to go. We have a course right around the sooner form our home, which is handy! Jack and Ty were at a friends house so Scott took Gavin and Will out to hit range balls then Scott took Will and they did 18 holes together. They needed the time alone together, those two. Scott's dad, Harley, made all the brothers clubs. Scott's too for that matter! They each have their own bag and set of clubs.

Here is Gavin practicing his swing. He did a really good job out there. Don't forget to wear your rainboots golfing! :)
Didn't realize the boys matched until taking these shots...

And of course I wanted to hit a few balls! I too enjoy going out to the range and hitting some golf balls. My swing has improved a little too. Will can hit it farther than I can now!


rachel said...

YAY Golf! We miss that good ol' golf course. Although I have to say Colby got a membership and used it maybe twice. Golf and law school don't mix. Looks like a good time!! Happy Golfin'

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Glad to see that Scott finally took the boys out to hit balls. You akk looked good out their.