Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Master Cleanse

Some of you out there are wondering what the heck "The Cleanse" is. I tried it last year before I was preggers but I only lasted 2 days. Bummer. I am going to try it again when I am done nursing though. I have a bunch of friends in Cali that did it and do it twice a year. It's not a diet, though everyone loses weight. It's a cleanse. It totally cleans you out. There are three parts to this cleanse that you can do for 7 days, 10 days or longer! One, you don't eat any food! At all! The day before and for a few days after the food you're eating should be herbal teas, veggy juice, broth, orange juice (for after)....Not a big 'ol cheese burger! Two, you drink this lemonade drink which is pretty tasty. But again, I only chugged it for 2 days! It's lemon juice (from a lemon!!), water, organic maple syrup (high grade), with a dash of Cheyenne pepper. The mixture amounts are this:
1 tsp. lemon or lime juice (I just used a medium sized lemon for each tsp.)
1 tsp. maple syrup
dash of Cheyenne pepper (more or less depending on YOU! If I had too much it burned my insides!)
8 oz water

Besides making this like 10 times day, I made a pitcher of it and kept it in the fridge. So, 10 times the above ingredients. You can still work out, you can still do everything like you normally do with this drink. You will need to pee frequently.
Now, the cleanse part...Third, this is the part that was hard for me and pretty discusting for everyone as well. The salt water flush. By far the hardest part, but this is the real reason for the flush. This cleans you out!
Drink 8oz water with 1 tsp sea salt, then 8oz of regular water, then 8oz with 1 tsp sea salt and finish it up with 8 oz of regular water again. Stay close to the potty after this one. You will need to go , and go a lot. (Trying not to be too crude! But it is a cleanse!) Usually people do this first thing in the morning...Scott chose to do it at night about 8pm.
Scott did pretty well on his first cleanse. He chose 7 days and lost 18lbs.!! My good friend Loralie had 2 massages during her cleanse, colonic and a facial to help expel additional toxins from her body. Like I said before I want to try it again, it just won't be for a while!
If you have any more questions...here is the official web site:

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B & Shanni Boyd said...

i only lasted 3 days on this! I'm just a food lover what can i say!... and while i was trying to do this i was working around food all the time ( didnt help one bit) haha