Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inspiration.....Part 2

I next grabbed my boys and took them to certain locations around the yard I had previously liked and chosen ahead of time for each one of them.

Will’s turn. He was roaming around the yard with his BB gun shooting at different things, so of course I had to get a few of him with his gun. I finally took it away and held it for him while I shot some other pictures of him by the old oak tree on the way down to the creek.

I placed baby Nathan in one of his bouncy chairs and put in the middle of two overgrown dark green bushes. They didn’t turn out exactly the way I had originally envisioned. It started getting late and the sunlight was fading fast. He also has become such a wiggle worm too!

This is Jackson sitting on a little brick plotting area. Here is where we’d plant tomato plants when I was younger. It’s cool. A little different. Jackson knew just what to do so he can return to playing his games as fast as he could. How funny.

Here is sweet Gavin with the mini red wheel barrow by the old walnut tree. I love this tree because it’s “fall”. Messy, but it is the best tree. In the spring it blossoms, in the summer it is full of large green leafs, and in the fall they all change colors and slowly float down to the ground. LOVE IT!!! He is a great poser. I asked him to sit and this is what he did!! How cute.

Here is Tyler on my brothers OLD motorcycle on the side of the yard. I love how old it looks, I love the brick wall (that I helped build many moons ago), I like the old wooden fence ( my Gram build, many, many moons ago), I like the tree trunk, the old shed, and the brick path….Tyler is so photogenic. All my boys are!

Brigham did NOT cooperate at all….Isn’t that obvious. He had a short nap and was already getting a little cranky. Bummer because those would of turned out real cute. Oh well…

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Mamathom and Papathom said...

Cute, cute pictures. And some great memories. Thanks for sharing.