Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mini Goals Week 4

Update: I did great! A fantastic week! (My mini goal last week was to pray perfectly....Really meaning more often!) There were a couple times I forgot, then I would pause right then and there and have a little prayer! I don't think the kids noticed, but I sure did. My prayers became more thoughtful, more specific. It was a really neat week.

Something I have been doing is taking a little from each week. For example, eating no later than 9pm (originally was 7pm), working out more often, and last week praying better. I will keep these mini goals up and add another one...

This will be a little tricky because we're leaving first thing in the morning to Cali! We're staying in San Diego for a few days to go to Sea World, then we're off to Santa Barbara to celebrate Christmas with Nana and Papa (and all our other wonderful family and friends! So excited to see you guys! Let the Scene-It game marathon begin!)

This week's goal watch my language. I do have a little potty mouth, and more importantly I have lots of little ears listening to me. Even the "small" words like stupid and shut up. Sometime Scott is telling me this crazy story, or vice-versa and one of us will say, "Shut up!" Meaning, "no way!" And the boys hear that. There has also been a few incidences at the park where big kids are swearing at my kids. Like saying real bad words to Brig's! HELLO! So, I will be better and really focus on how I am speaking around my boys. But when they're not around I'm going to let loose...Just kidding! :)

What is something you're going to work on?



rachel said...

Being more positive. I think that I can never have enough positive thinking in my life. For every negative thought I want to have two positives. So wish me luck!You little goals are great! Keep up the good work!

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Congrats on the goal setting and not waiting for New Year's to do it. Have a great family vacation and a great Christmas and Scott's birthday.