Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mini Goals Week 3

Ok...I Didn't do so well last week. I could give you all the excuses in a list, but I'll spare you! My heart wasn't in it and I didn't do well. Thank goodness these are only week long mini goals! I did pretty good keeping my first week goal, though I changed the time to 9pm instead of 7pm. Here is my goal for the week:
I want to pray "perfectly". Let me explain....The content may not be perfect, but it's the times we should be praying. We always pray at the table and are pretty good with our nightly family prayers. But I usually forget the morning prayer, breakfast, lunch, and nightly personal prayers. So, I WILL pray for EVERY meal (no matter where I'm at!), in the morning, before the boys go to bed (family prayer) and before I go to bed.

What mini goal are you going to be working on this week??