Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mini Goals Week 5

I did really good again this last week with my mini goal, you can even ask Scott! I only said a few bad words...I know I can do even better, but it was a HUGE improvement. I am especially surprised because we were on vacation for the week and I still accomplished my goal! YEAH for me!!

This weeks goal is going to be to read the scriptures everyday for at least 30 minutes! And this week will be a tiny bit different...It will go from Monday to Monday instead of the norm.

Today, while driving home, I read the scriptures on Scott's IPod Touch. I forgot where I last left off in my own scriptures so I started reading in Mosiah. I read 5 awesome chapters. This week's goal will be good for me and also pretty easy. The 4 big boys are still in SB hanging out with my mom so I know I'll have more time to accomplish this goal.

What are you working on for this week? Good luck to you!!