Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is my sweet Papa. Let me give you a little background about him, he's not the normal everyday Papa. Papa Bill has 3 kids, grown who have children of their own. Papa knows and LOVES each of his wonderful children and grandchildren. Papa never held his grand babies and definitely never changed any of their diapers. Of course he loves each and everyone of them, but was never very hands on with any of them...Until my kids came along. We are a very touchy-feely family and my boys jump into his arms and cuddle and play with Papa every chance they get. It's been real cute watching Papa grow into his new calling of being a Papa. Every once in a while I'll ask Bill to hold one of my newborns as I'm putting the baby in his arms. It's real cute to see Papa holding these adorable boys. At first he looked real awkward with a 10 pound baby in his arms, now he's a total pro at it. His son once told us that he has enjoyed seeing Bill relate to my young boys. You can find Bill in the backyard with the boys pushing them on the swing, teaching the older ones to shoot BB guns, or archery. In the front yard helping the boys with their bikes, or doing yard work with them. In the house playing games, building fires. Or at theme parks riding rides and watching shows with the boys. He is wonderful! We LOVE our Papa!! Thanks for all you do!